Serneke to construct outdoor spaces at Oceanpiren


Serneke remains involved in Helsingborg’s emerging Oceanhamnen district. A contracting agreement has now been signed with City of Helsingborg for landscaping, plumbing and electrical work at the Oceanpiren waterfront site. The order is valued at approximately SEK 63 million.

An entirely new neighborhood is emerging in Helsingborg’s Oceanhamnen district. Serneke is already participating in several housing projects and groundwork in the area. With the City now developing additional outdoor environments along Oceanpiren, Serneke is involved in creating attractive new features for the district. The project will involve laying asphalt, building wooden decks and stairs and installing planters and plant beds. The assignment also includes concrete flooring molded on-site, with inserted artwork, graphic concrete surfaces molded on-site and unique wrought-iron benches. The works will be installed along alleyways, streets and in squares, amounting to 15,000 m2 adjacent to Oceanpiren.

Oceanhamnen is one of three areas in Helsingborg that host for H22, the international urban fair being held in the city in the summer of 2022.

“This assignment offers us the opportunity to be involved in creating a unique environment along the quay. Getting to prepare a site both for the citizens of Helsingborg and its visitors during on upcoming H22 trade fair, feels both fun and exciting,” says Mats Nilsson, Works Manager at Serneke.

The project commenced in June 2021 and is scheduled for completion in October 2022. The order value amounts to slightly more than SEK 63 million and will be included in order bookings for the second quarter of 2021.

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