Serneke to construct two schools in Karlstad


Serneke has signed two contracting agreements with the Municipality of Karlstad regarding the construction of new schools. Combined, the remodeling and extension of the Skattkärr School and the new construction of a school in the Stockfallet district, correspond to an order value of SEK 245 million.

Serneke has signed a turnkey, collaborative agreement with the Municipality of Karlstad for the remodeling and extension of the Skattkärr School in Karlstad. The first stage of the agreement will commence immediately, with the extension of the school on two floors by about 2,000 m2. The first stage is scheduled for completion in December 2022. The second stage will commence in January 2023 and will include, for example, a new school kitchen. The agreement includes replacing and updating technical systems, with the former system of heating using oil and pellets being replaced by a more environmentally friendly geothermal installation. The agreement also includes extensive landscaping measures, with the outdoor environment being thoroughly refurbished to foster play and activity. The complete remodeling and extension of the Skattkärr School is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2023.

Serneke has also signed a turnkey agreement with the Municipality of Karlstad for the new construction of school for pre-school and up to grade six, including a 7,300 m2 sports hall in Karlstad’s Stockfallet district. The school will be dimensioned for 350 pupils and will include a kitchen with the capacity to produce 700 portions. The sports hall will be able to accommodate both school and club activities and will feature a higher ceiling than is standard for such facilities. The agreement also encompasses a new outdoor environment, including storage buildings, buildings for sorting of waste at source, and a parking lot with a pick-up/drop-off zone. Construction will commence in august 2021, with the school scheduled for occupancy in the autumn of 2023.

“We are very pleased to have been entrusted doubly by the Municipality of Karlstad to join them in contributing to two such crucial community properties. It is particularly satisfying to have the opportunity to build a more environmentally friendly school environment that also prioritizes sports and activity options. At Serneke, we share the Municipality’s stance on the environment and on children’s exercise opportunities during school time,” says Magnus Grude, Works Manager at Serneke Sweden.

The Skattkärr School order is valued at SEK 105 million and the order for the new school in Stockfallet is valued at SEK 140 million. The values of both orders are included in the order bookings for the second quarter of 2021.

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