Serneke to develop 80 apartments in Hudiksvall


In a joint venture, Serneke Invest and ROPH Invest AB will develop 80 condominium apartments at the Kattvikskajen waterfront development in Hudiksvall. Construction is scheduled to commence in early 2022, with the ambition being for the first apartments to be ready for occupancy in late 2023.

“At Serneke, we are very happy to have this opportunity to be involved in developing this exciting new neighbourhood in Hudiksvall. This serves as the starting shot for project development operations by Serneke’s Region North and is a project that we hope will establish Serneke/ROPH as a player to be reckoned with in northern Sweden,” says Mikael Thorgren, Regional Manager, Serneke Sweden.

Over the next few years, Kattvikskajen, part of Hudiksvall’s former sawmill site, will be redeveloped with, for example, some 400 new homes, offices, business premises, a school and a hotel. Through its company Granola Fastigheter, ROPH Invest has already been allocated land to construct one urban block on the Kattvikskajen waterfront. The building rights encompass approximately 9,000 m2 GFA of housing.

In a newly established joint venture between Serneke Invest AB and ROPH Invest AB, the parties will now partner to develop 80 apartments in three or four buildings located directly on the quayside. The buildings will vary in height from two to seven stories and will include homes varying in size from studio apartments up to apartments with four bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. To construct the buildings, the joint venture company intends to sign a contracting agreement with Serneke Sweden.

“It is very satisfying to have this opportunity to develop highly attractive housing in Hudiksvall’s premiere location while also contributing to the development of a new neighborhood in the city. In Serneke, we have found a partner who shares our visions and with whom we hope to continue partnering around the region,” says Henrik Fredriksson at ROPH Invest, which is soon to change name to Strömtorpet AB.

Housing sales are scheduled to commence in late 2021.

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