Serneke to develop tenant-owned apartments in Sege Park


Developing 44 tenant-owned apartments under its own auspices, Serneke is the first of 12 players to start work on the development of the new Sege Park district in Malmö.

In Sege Park, Serneke will develop a total of 150 new, smart homes focused on sustainable solutions. Sales of the first stage, Brf. Knytkalaset, with 44 tenant-owned apartments, are scheduled to commence on Tuesday, November 24. The neighborhood, which will be pervaded by sustainability on all fronts, is surrounded by an established park environment. Several of the existing buildings in the area offer superior values in terms of their architecture and cultural history.

“Brf Knytkalaset enjoys an amazing location alongside an elegant, tree-lined avenue and with a new square nearby. With a school in the neighborhood and natural green spaces, we already envisage this becoming one of Malmö’s most exciting urban development projects. It feels great to be the first contractor to get started in this exciting area,” says Carl Knutsson, Project Developer at Serneke.

Two buildings are to be constructed, containing the apartments. The 44 apartments of one to four rooms, will total approximately 3,700 square meters GFA (gross floor area). The apartments will have a flexible design, making it possible to change and adapt the accommodation. In the two and three-bedroom apartments, it will be possible to remove a wall, making the living room even larger. Construction of the apartments is scheduled to commence in 2021 and to be completed in the autumn of 2022/winter of 2023.

By renovating older properties and constructing a total 1,000 new apartments, the new district of Sege Park will emerge on the grounds of a former hospital. Sustainability, sharing economy and cultivation are some of the key terms describing the players working with the city to construct housing in Sege Park. Malmö’s most sustainable neighborhood is being developed here, with state-of-the-art housing solutions for everything from storm water management, local energy sources, smart electricity networks and self-sufficient street lighting to a recycling station, greenhouse and bicycle pool.

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