Serneke to develop women’s correctional institution outside Gothenburg


Serneke has signed a collaboration agreement with Specialfastigheter to develop the Sagsjön women’s correctional institution in Lindome, south of Gothenburg. Serneke and Specialfastigheter had previously signed a framework agreement.

Within the next few years, the Sagsjön women’s correctional institution, located in Lindome, to the south of Gothenburg, will become larger, more secure, and better adapted to women’s needs. Serneke already has a framework agreement with Specialfastigheter, being one of four companies to share contracts valued at SEK 8-10 billion. Serneke’s framework agreement covers projects throughout Sweden, valued at more than SEK 100 million. The parties have now signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop the Sagsjön women’s correctional institution in Lindome.

The existing buildings at the facility are to be demolished, with two new buildings of a total 8 000 square meters on three floors being constructed. The total number of inmates that can be housed will increase from 35 to 77. As today, this will be a security class 2 and 3 institution, with security class 2 being the highest for women. The accommodation for about ten inmates will, however, be more secure than today, making Sagsjön an option for holding inmates subject to the strictest security requirements.

The signed agreement is a Phase 1 collaboration agreement, meaning that the client and the contractor will work together closely on the planning and financing of the project. The contract itself will be carried out in Phase 2. Construction is scheduled to commence in the spring of 2021 and the correctional institution will be fully completed in 2024.

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