Serneke to remodel public baths in the Municipality of Mark


Serneke has signed a turnkey contract with the Municipality of Mark regarding the extension of the Kaskad public baths. The order is valued at approximately SEK 130 million.

The Kaskad public baths building in Skene in the Municipality of Mark are to be remodeled to make it possible for more people to use the baths, to expand the swimming lessons operations, promote exercise and health and to improve accessibility.

The contracting agreement includes Serneke renovating the existing baths, adding an additional multipurpose pool for physical rehabilitation, aquatic fitness, swimming lessons and infant swimming, as well as constructing a new 25-meter pool and additional changing facilities. A new entrance is also to be constructed, making it easier for visitors to enter and exit the building.

The contracting agreement for the Kaskad baths introduces Phase 2 of the collaborative project between Serneke and the Municipality of Mark, with planning and budgeting having been prepared in the initial phase.

“Having enjoyed a favorable collaboration with the Municipality of Mark regarding the future process, all of the conditions are in place for baths to become an extremely pleasant and accessible facility. With time, we have gradually amassed solid experience of similar projects, which will be important in meeting the challenges that a project involving public baths always entails,” says Peter Andersson, Construction Manager at Serneke Sweden.

The renovation and extension of the Kaskad bathhouse is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022. The order value of approximately SEK 130 million is included in order bookings for the second quarter of 2021.

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