Serneke wants to build away loneliness


H22 Alone Together is a research project on future housing with the ambition of developing a concept that builds away loneliness. The project is part of the international urban fair, H22 City Expo, and is being conducted jointly by Serneke, Lund University, Malmö University, Öresundskraft and the City of Helsingborg, and is funded in part by Vinnova.

Loneliness (or social exclusion) is a public health problem that is costly both for the individual and for society in general.

The research project H22 Alone Together will study how increased loneliness, new family formats, increased working from home and an increased focus on a sustainable lifestyle are impacting the design of future housing.

“Through Alone Together and our participation at the H22 City Expo, we want to establish scope for a creative dialogue aimed at capturing residents’ lifestyles and identifying circular solutions that meet societal challenges and contribute to more intelligent and sustainable cities,” says Jonas Håkansson, Business Manager, Project Development at Serneke.

During the H22 City Expo, a “think tank” will be activated and visitors will be able to participate in designing future housing, as well as having the opportunity to stimulate concepts for the “Living Room of the Future”. This will all be saved to serve as contributions to H22 Alone Together. The work will culminate in a report presented in 2023, as a housing concept, as well as in a new residential building in Helsingborg, in which residents will have been involved in counteracting loneliness and facilitating sustainable living – socially, economically and ecologically. Read more about how Serneke works with housing at

“We have great expectations of the research project. ‘H22 Alone Together’ is an example of significant social innovation. Reducing loneliness is a substantial task, as with other public health projects. No individual actor can reach everyone. That is why we must work together. H22 City Expo will be a perfect opportunity,” says Soraya Axelsson, Project Manager for H22.

The feasibility study will be shown during the H22 City Expo under the program item “The Living Room of the Future”.

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation authority. For us at Serneke and for Vinnova, innovation is about thinking in new ways and doing different things to improve life for people and for our planet. We are opening up for innovation throughout society and have now received a grant for the research project H22 Alone Together with its focus on social sustainability. The project is coordinated by Sustainable Innovation i Sverige AB.

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