Serneke commences work to redevelop the University Hospital campus in Örebro


Serneke has signed a turnkey contract with Örebro University and Region Örebro County for the redevelopment and extension of the Örebro University Hospital campus. The contract is valued at approximately SEK 200 million.

The parties have been collaborating on the development of the University Hospital campus since the start of the year and the project is now entering Phase 2, within which the aforementioned contract is to be conducted.

The contract encompasses extending and redeveloping the premises used for Örebro University’s medical program at the campus. The property will be extended to six stories, including a basement, with several adaptations of existing premises also being made. These include auditoriums, classrooms, group rooms, offices, a restaurant and a goods delivery area. The contract includes constructing a Clinical Training Center with advanced training rooms where medical students will be able to train on advanced medical training mannequins and in realistic healthcare situations. The extension comprises some 6,000 square meters in total and about 1,000 square meters of premises will be redeveloped.

“We have now progressed sufficiently with the planning of the project that we are able to commence construction. One factor behind this success is that we have actively worked towards the collaborative goals that we set out together in the spring of 2020. Collaborating closely with Örebro University and being highly flexible regarding late project changes made it possible to optimize the building’s functionality based on the client’s operations and wishes. We look forward very much to being able to deliver a strengthened University Hospital campus for the physicians of the future,” says Magnus Ryström, Construction Manager at Serneke Sweden.

“We look forward to becoming acquainted with a contractor with whom we haven’t worked previously, and the partnership has worked really well to date. Having attractive and well-adapted premises is a prerequisite for being able to provide an up-to-date medical program,” says Torbjörn Sjölander, Property Manager at Region Örebro County.

Construction is to commence immediately, and the contract is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The order value of approximately SEK 200 million is included in order bookings for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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