The first electric aircraft in Sweden will be based at Säve flygplats


Sweden’s first production electric aircraft will have its home base at Säve flygplats with Aeroklubben in Gothenburg. Serneke, which owns and operates the airport, is helping to fund the venture.

“For us at Serneke, it is an obvious choice to be at the forefront when it comes to innovative solutions, whether it’s construction technology or smart energy solutions. Having electric aircraft at Säve is an equally natural step, especially considering the development of the forthcoming solar cell park in the area,” says Anders Fredriksson, airport manager at Säve flygplats.

Sweden’s largest solar cell park to date will begin construction this autumn in collaboration with Göteborg Energi on Serneke’s land just north of the airfield. Serneke has also designated land for expansion with its own solar cell facility, in order to supply power for the forthcoming development of the Säve area.

Aeroklubben in Gothenburg will be in charge of operations for the new electric aircraft, a Pipistrel Alpha Electro. Among other things, the plane will be used as part of the flight school activities.

“The flight development of the future is in biofuels and electric aviation. It feels fantastic that we at Säve have the opportunity to champion this cause. Having electric passenger planes in commercial traffic still lies in the future, but for general aviation that future is already here,” says Måns Theorin, chairman of Aeroklubben in Gothenburg.

Serneke has owned Säve flygplats since 2016. Today the airport is home to civil aviation with helicopter operations for police, ambulance and maritime rescue services as well as general aviation with flight training and aviation club activities. Serneke owns around three million square meters of land surrounding the airport area. The plan is to develop the area for operations within, among other things, the automotive, logistics and experience industries.

Caption: Anders Fredriksson, Serneke; Måns Theorin, Aeroklubben in Gothenburg, and Nejc Faganelj, test pilot for Pipistrel, are proud that Sweden’s first production electric aircraft will be based at Säve flygplats.

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