They may design the Virgo block in the Karlastaden district


Another tall building is to take shape in the emerging Karlastaden district. Three firms of architects have been selected to propose designs for the 27-story Virgo building.

Virgo is one of three urban blocks in the Karlastaden district currently being developed in a joint venture between Serneke and Balder. According to the current development agreement with the City of Gothenburg, all buildings taller than 16 stories must undergo a design process in close cooperation and dialogue with the City. Accordingly, a “parallel assignment” will be conducted for the Virgo block, including proposals from various architects. The task is to design the building’s exterior and present attractive housing options.

In January this year, 17 firms of architects were invited to participate. Serneke, Balder and the City of Gothenburg conducted a thorough joint assessment to select three firms of architects for the parallel assignment. A weighted assessment was conducted of the firms’ descriptions of their approach, how they organized the assignment and the reference projects they presented.

The three firms selected are: Dorte Mandrup, Wingårdhs and DinellJohansson.

“Virgo will be part of Gothenburg’s future skyline, so it is important that great care be taken in terms of its architectural design. The firms were all chosen for their good capacity to achieve the task and their strength in innovation and design, while they each have a slightly different profile, providing favorable conditions for breadth in the proposed designs for Virgo,” says Joakim Månsson, Project Developer at Serneke.

The parallel assignment is to be completed in the spring of 2022. After the final presentations in May, the assessment group, comprising representatives of Serneke, the City of Gothenburg and an external architect, will meet to review the proposals and name the one best suited for further refinement for planning application purposes and ultimately for construction.

The Virgo urban block will include some 200 apartments and a number of commercial premises and is scheduled for occupancy in 2026.


Facts Karlastaden:

Karlastaden comprises eight blocks in total, including Karlatornet, which will be the tallest building in the Nordic region. The district will include about 2,000 homes in total, as well as stores, offices and community services, such as schools, healthcare and residential care.

Currently occurring at Karlastaden:

  • With Fastighets AB Balder owning half of the project, production of the Karlatornet tower is now in full progress, having reached the 34th of the total 73 stories. The tower’s core has now passed slightly more than half its full height, currently reaching 121.55 meters.
  • Karlatornet’s podium building, which will contain hotels and offices, is under construction.
  • On behalf of Hemsö and Tosito, construction is also in progress on the Capella block, which will include housing, commercial premises and educational facilities.
  • The four buildings Callisto, Lynx, Virgo and Aries are currently being developed in a joint venture between Serneke and Fastighets AB Balder.

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