Three new names on Serneke’s Board of Directors


At the Annual General Meeting on May 5, Jan C Johansson, Veronica Rörsgård and Per Åkerman were elected to Serneke’s Board of Directors. The three new members bring additional experience of industrial and international companies.

Jan C Johansson, who will be the new Chairman of the Board, has previously held a number of senior positions in some of Sweden’s leading companies, including as CEO for Boliden and SCA. Per Åkerman, Deputy Chairman, and Veronica Rörsgård, who joins as a member, have both held leading positions at companies including Skanska.

Per Åkerman will act as an executive Board member on a half-time basis. This role entails an opportunity to act as a reinforced conduit between the Board of Directors and Group Management with the purpose of, for example, focusing on priority matters and monitoring the implementation of decisions taken by the Board of Directors.

In your view, what do the three of you, as new members, bring to the work of the Board of Directors?

“In my assessment, we have a Board of Directors with the breadth and strength of experience and the skills required to match the company’s needs and ambitions. Partly, of course, the three of us who are new will bring fresh views. But we will also bring the experience gained by working at large international companies, with the complexity that entails, as well as having driven various forms of development work in this context,” says Per Åkerman.

The former Chairman of the Board, Kent Sander, and Board member Anna-Karin Celsing have declined re-election. In addition to the three aforementioned individuals, Serneke’s Board of Directors also includes: Mari Broman, Anna Belfrage, Ludwig Mattsson, Fredrik Alvarsson and Ola Serneke.

Serneke's Board of Directors

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