We have built 74 youth apartments in Larsberg on Lidingö on behalf of John Mattson Fastighets AB.

In Larsberg center on Lidingö we have built 74 smaller rental apartments for young people aged 18-25 on the property Klockbojen 4. The contract was preceded by a joint system action design that was ongoing in 2017.

The agreement means that cooperation between the companies was expanded from ongoing ROT work in the existing property portfolio to include new production of housing.

The detailed plan for the youth housing was developed as an express project in close cooperation with Lidingö city. The ambition is to develop Larsberg into an even more pleasant, safe and vibrant area while helping a group that has difficulty entering the housing market.

Planning started in March 2018 and the project was completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Short facts

Operational category:
Type of project:
Residential buildings
Region Stockholm / East
John Mattson Fastighets AB

Contact person

Robert Hägglund

Arbetschef, Stockholm

Rosenlundsgatan 50, 118 63 Stockholm