Kongahälla Center

Kongahälla Center

Serneke built Kungälv’s new shopping center on behalf of Adapta Fastigheter. With space for 100 stores and restaurants over some 37,000 square meters of retail space, this is the largest shopping center venture in the Gothenburg region in ten years. 

The shopping center was constructed in the new district of Kongahälla, adjacent to the E6 highway, neighboring the city’s housing initiative and new travel center in the area. The building occupies three levels with a parking garage on the ground level. The gross floor area is approximately 37,000 square meters, excluding the garage.

Kongahälla Center was constructed through a partnering contract with Adapta and included coordinated efforts within the Group, with Serneke Civil Engineering performing the groundwork and Serneke Construction erecting the shopping center. Serneke has previously conducted successful partnering contracts with Adapta on the construction of the Södercity and Borgås shopping centers in Kungsbacka.

Preparatory work commenced summer 2016 and the project was ready in March 2019.

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Kommersiella fastigheter
Gothenburg / West
Adapta Fastigheter