Collaboration & partnering

Collaboration and partnering is a way to get everyone to work towards the same goal, understand each other's needs, challenges and business. Through our way of working, the goal is to get a more cost-effective, better and more operationally optimized product.

Why work in partnering and collaboration?

A very clear ambition for us as a company is to be close to our customers. This has always been our strength and an approach that has made us successful historically. Working in collaboration means that we create closeness, understanding and sense of security in the relationship and the project.

Not only will it be safer, more fair, more efficient and create economic predictability that benefits both parties. It is also much more fun to work together as a team. Through collaboration, we can also create common knowledge and a long-term relationship that in turn creates more sustainable projects for the next generation.

Why choose Serneke in partnering and collaboration?

Serneke is a value-driven company where our core values are central to our entire approach. Our willingness to belong to and add something new is clear and the commitment to contribute positively to the society is well known.

An employee at Serneke is:
Committed & brave, honest & respectful, simple & energetic and visionary & solution oriented.
More about our values.

This is also what our clients get in collaboration with us. We not only have a clear model and process for partnering/collaboration. Our comprehensive business, which includes expertise in construction, civil engineering, project and property development, together with a clear regional organization close to the customer and the business, provides additional strength in a partnering and collaboration project.


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