Project development

Our expertise ranges from idea, implementation and management and we develop everything from residential, commercial properties to sports facilities.

Strong desire to bring something new

Regardless of the project, we make sure to create a natural and necessary addition to the area and we develop neighborhoods that provide value for the whole community. As a starting point we look at the local conditions and create projects that add value for the entire local area, not just for those who live, study, work or visit the premises.

Development of housing, public housing, local services and offices is handled locally in Serneke Swedens regions. Our teams work locally, close to the customer, and are based in our regional offices.

We have expertise within the company throughout the chain - from first idea to management. We can follow a project or a property throughout its development and all its phases.

More complex, extensive or part-owned projects are managed in Serneke Invest business area.



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