Project development

Serneke is a group in constant developmental flux and has been among the fastest growing construction companies in Sweden over the last few years. 

One of the explanations behind Serneke's success is that we create and invest in projects which both develop our business and which are cost-effective. We develop residential projects as well as commercial properties, either alone or together with partners, and are constantly on the look-out for land and properties in attractive locations for future projects.

To undertake exciting, ground-breaking projects. To see the opportunity in the impossible. To have the capacity of success.

In developing our business and being cost effective, Serneke Project Development will create and complete projects as well as delivering services and solutions which exceed our client's expectations.

At Serneke Project Development, ground-breaking projects are our passion. We are innovative and passionate with an ambition to deliver a smarter solution to be the most cost effective. Our engagement engenders pleasure in our work, while simultaneously making us attractive to business partners. In our work, we make the most of local opportunities and generate conditions for social responsibility. We always see challenges as opportunities to grow and our attitude is that nothing is impossible.

In choosing Serneke as a real estate partner, you are drawing strength from our strong brand, short lines of decision making and our excellent contacts and experience of different possibilities and business approaches. We offer the same assurance and expertise as the market leaders, but with added energy, engagement and a more modern point of view.